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Remove the A40 cycleway rumble strips. [Petition now closed]

Our petition has now closed. We received 78 responses, and will be submitting our petition to the council. Subscribe to our newsletter for any update or response from the council. Comments showed that this has impacted a wide range of cycle users, and there is concern about a similar tree protection approach being used in future schemes. We will be highlighting this as part of our submission.

In listening to our members and local cycle users, we have heard the frustration and disappointment about the rumble strips installed along the new section of cycle lane in West Cheltenham between Griffiths Avenue and Tennyson Road.

Gloucestershire County Council have said that this approach was used because of the need to deter pedestrians whilst protecting tree roots on this section.

We know that several better alternatives (such as porous coloured asphalt, cycle symbols, edge markings or signage) exist, and that their unusual approach has made this strategic route worse, particularly for those cycling with child seats, cargo and trailers, and for those with musculoskeletal disabilities. A multimillion pound scheme deserves better.

We’ve chosen to take action because it not only causes a problem here, but also because it highlights the wider lack of appropriate engagement and engineering expertise needed to create a high quality cycling network.

Important details about the petition (the usual legal stuff)
  • Our petition will be submitted to Gloucestershire County Council provided it reaches at least 25 signatures.
  • You need to either live or work in Gloucestershire, and we need you to provide the first line of your address and postcode to validate this.
  • We will need to pass your name and address to Gloucestershire County Council when we submit the petition. They may publish your name and postcode if requested to do so.
  • You can withdraw your support for the petition by contacting us at any point up until we submit the petition to the council.
  • Our full privacy policy for how we handle information given to us via our website is here.


“Gloucestershire County Council has recently opened the cycle path alongside the A40 in West Cheltenham.

Without consultation, it installed regular rumble strips along the section between Tennyson Road and Griffiths Avenue. These create a very uncomfortable cycling experience, particularly for those riding with child seats, trailers and those with musculoskeletal disabilities.

The experience will decrease the convenience and desirability of cycling along the county’s proposed ‘cycle spine’.

The council cites tree root protection as the reason for the rumble strips. However, several considerably better alternatives, such as painted symbols, dyed asphalt and parallel markings exist. The solution chosen does not fit with guidance or common practice.

Given the substantial underspend and scale of the West Cheltenham Transport Improvement Scheme, this petition requests that the council;

1) Remove the rumble strips and restores a continuous flat surface and,

2) Engage with local cycle users and pedestrians to identify a more suitable solution.

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