What good can look like

Roads and streets, and the allocation of the majority of money for new facilities, is the responsibility of Gloucestershire County Council. Sadly, the quality and safety of many routes created in Cheltenham and Tewkesbury has been very poor in the past. However, it has often been hard to hold schemes to account because of a modern set of cycle design standards. That has all changed recently with the publication of a national set of design standards (LTN 1/20)

LTN 1/20

These new standards clearly establish what makes a good cycle route in all types of traffic. Many councils across England are now designing to these standards, and it is a priority for the Cheltenham & Tewkesbury Cycling Campaign to see our local transport planners learn and use them across Gloucestershire.

At its core are five ‘dos’ and five ‘donts’, a set of general design principles, and then specific safety standards for cycle routes and the roads they interact with. We’re beginning to see other counties now delivering great projects that meet these standards.

As you look at these, imagine what a difference it would be like in your area if you had cycle routes like these on your doorstep.

Wish List

The campaign maintains a database of key improvement opportunities in Cheltenham, Tewkesbury and across Gloucestershire. You can view a summary of the current entries here for Cheltenham, and here for other areas across Gloucestershire.

We’ll be adding to this page with examples of great schemes from around the country in the coming weeks.