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Get involved with cycle counts on the B4063

The Cheltenham & Tewkesbury Cycling Campaign wants to develop an accurate picture of the number and types of people cycling along the B4063 before and after the opening of the Cheltenham to Gloucester cycle route.

Committee members have already started counts, but we would love members who feel able to help to get in touch so we can get a better sample.

Manual counts give us better data, showing how people are using the road, and basic demographics of the people cycling.

The commitment would only be to do a 2 hour cycle count from 4 to 6pm on a weekday in the coming few weeks on a day of your choosing.

We’ll give you the location, and a simple counting form to complete. You’ll use this to capture;

  • Number of cycle users and which direction they’re travelling in
  • Brief characteristics (apparent gender, child/adult)
  • Whether they are on roadway, cyclepath, shared path or footway (varies by location)

If you’re interested in helping, please contact us, and let us know what days you can be available and how far along the B4063 you’d be able to travel from Cheltenham (some count locations are in or beyond Churchdown).

A map west of cheltenham marked with 5 locations.
2022 Cycle Count locations we’d like your help with. Contains OS Data. Crown copyright and database rights 2022.

An example location

We’ll give you full details and an instruction sheet once you’re signed up, but as an example, for the Badgeworth Road location, you’d have a site plan that looks something like this;

An example site plan for one of the count locations.

For the two hour period, in fifteen minute blocks, you’ll record what direction each cyclist arrives and leaves from, noting additionally if they are a child or an adult, and their apparent sex. So, for example, a male cyclist arriving from Down Hatherley Lane on the road and then heading towards Cheltenham on the shared path would be recorded as CE, and a girl cycling from Cheltenham to Gloucester on the road would be recorded as BAcf. That’s it.

Understanding the impact of the new cycle route is going to be really important for future plans, particularly as it will join up with data from past counts in these areas and inform our assessment of whether the route is able to deliver value for money.

We’d therefore love it if you can get in touch using our contact form to help.