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Our 2021/22 campaign plan [Consultation now closed]

At our AGM, we launched a member consultation on our action plan for the next twelve months. As our committee reflected in their annual review, we continue to see very car dominated transport planning in Gloucestershire, but with high local levels of cycling, and lots of public interest in our town and county doing better, we see this as a really important year to extend the reach of the campaign and increase our impact.

We have prepared a draft campaign plan for the next twelve months, which will be reviewed and approved by the incoming committee at their first meeting, but we would like your ideas and input to make it as good as we can.

The draft plan is below, along with a feedback form to let us know what you think.

Our 2021/22 plan


1. Grow breadth and reach of our campaign community

  • Opening our mailing list to public sign up allowing anyone to receive our news easily
  • Develop items and merchandise to passively share campaign, such as frame stickers/clothing
  • Expand range of discounts available to members, ideally beyond just bike shop purchases
  • Improve our Tewkesbury committee representation
  • Explore targeted advertising to raise awareness, including through social media channels

2. Grow the depth of our connection as a campaign

  • Bi-monthly coffee and social meets, including chances to discuss key campaign issues
  • Group activities, such as cycle counts or path maintenance, also raising campaign visibility

1. Maintain and increase the impact of our wish list, eg developing visualisations to ‘see’ the opportunities

2. Explore partnerships to run ‘trial days’ for electric bikes/ cargo bikes for local communities

3. Consider launching local awards (eg best employer / best retail cycle parking etc)

4. Develop our local support to engaged councillors; eg offering led rides for officers/contractors etc.


1. Continue producing high quality technical reviews of proposed major schemes, also supporting members to respond

2. Ensure transparency and accountability in council decision-making and funding of active travel, eg through Freedom of Information requests and council questions

3. Publish annual review of built schemes, distributed to key decision makers, including national bodies, recognising the increasing interest of the DfT in high quality scheme delivery

4. Ensure we engage on relevant major planning applications for significant developments, eg Golden Valley, seeking to become a listed consultee on all large schemes

Consultation (now closed)

Thank you to everyone that shared their views through November 2021. We will review the feedback at our December committee meeting and then focus on cracking on with the top priorities that emerge.

Thank you for your support

We are hugely grateful for your membership – we’re only able to contemplate taking this on because we know we have such a supportive network of local residents, and because of your generosity in supporting C&TCC.

If you’re not already a member, you can find out more and consider joining for only £5 here.