Cheltenham Yellow Hire Bike Project

Cheltenham's pilot Yellow Hire Bike project is still up and running, albeit on a smaller scale than during the public pilot scheme last summer. Most of the hire bikes have been returned to the University, although members of the public registered with OYBike may use them.

The bikes are to be found in 9 docking stations across the town – see the adjacent map. The Promenade site is sponsored by Cheltenham & Tewkesbury Cycling Campaign.

Renting a bike

To hire a bike, switch on the OYBike rental station and press the red 'padlock' button next to the cable securing the bike you wish to hire. Then use your mobile phone to call OYBike, on 0845 226 5751.

The first time you use the service you will need to register a credit or debit card and pay a £10 refundable deposit.

After that, you enter the code displayed on the docking station screen. You are then given a release code which you enter on the docking station after pressing OK. Then press again the red 'padlock' button and pull on the cable to release the bike.

On subsequent hires, when your details are already registered, the hire procedure should take no more than 30 seconds.

Returning a bike

When you have finishing using the bike, return it to any docking station, switch on the OYBike rental station and press any red 'padlock' button next to an empty port. Insert the bike cable into the port when the buzzer sounds. Call 0845 226 5751, select option 2 and enter the code displayed on the docking station to terminate your hire.

If the docking station has no free ports, there are special arrangements to return a bike – see the instructions on the docking station.

How much does it cost?

The first 30 minutes of hire is free. After that, up to 1 hour costs £2, 2 hours £4, 3 hours £6 and 24 hours £8.

Registration of a credit/debit card is required to use the service and payment of a £10 refundable deposit.


For more information about using the service, telephone OYBike on 0845 226 5751 or visit their website.

Docking stations

1 Cheltenham railway station, next to the taxi rank.
2 Cheltenham hospital, maternity entrance
3 Gloucestershire University, Francis Close Hall
4 Gloucestershire University, Hardwick Campus
5 Gloucestershire University, Merrowdown
6 Gloucestershire University, Pittville Campus (Courtyard and main entrance)
7 Gloucestershire University, Regency Halls
8 Gloucestershire University, Park Campus (Business School and Fullwood House)
9 Promenade


The Cheltenham Yellow Hire Bike Project is a joint venture by Cheltenham Borough Council, Gloucestershire University, Great Western Trains and Cheltenham Cycle Campaign. The bikes are provided by OYBike, who are responsible for the hire operation.

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