Why you should join us

Cycling is a healthy, enjoyable, quiet, economical and pollution-free means of transport. It offers a solution to the problems of transport and the environment locally and globally.

Most journeys in Cheltenham and Tewkesbury are under five miles, often much shorter. That's ideal for cycling.

Despite some useful facilities constructed recently in Cheltenham and Tewkesbury, much remains to be done. Conditions in some parts of the area could be much better. We need to put pressure on decision makers to ensure conditions for cycling improve.

Your support would help our work

To improve conditions for cyclists, and to make the Cycling Campaign a more effective organisation, the more supporters we have the better. You can support the Cycling Campaign by getting involved. Individuals and families can join and local organisations are welcome to affiliate.

Information and keeping in touch

The Campaign can provide information on most cycling matters and on many general transport issues too Visit this website for news of developments..

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