Cycle Training

Whether you are new to cycling, returning after some years or would simply like to enhance your skills, cycle training could benefit you greatly.

Modern cycle training follows the National Cycle Training Standard, which has three levels:

The following instructors, accredited to teach to the National Standard, are based in Cheltenham:

John Mallows 01242 235072
John Franklin 01242 512881

There are other instructors in the surrounding areas and a regional list of accredited instructors can be found here.

Training sessions are usually 1:1, arranged at times of mutual convenience and are tailored to the specific needs of the trainee. If you would like more details about cycle training, please contact an instructor. If you use the contact form, please include a telephone number and brief details of your requirements.


Whether you undertake a formal training course or not, you may find it useful to read Cyclecraft, the recommended course book for the National Cycle Training Standard. It is written by Cheltenham & Tewkesbury Cycling Campaign member John Franklin, who was a member of the Government/CTC working group that set up the training standard and who is himself a local instructor.

Cyclecraft is published by The Stationery Office (ISBN 978-0-11-703740-3) price £12.50 and can be obtained locally at Roylan Cycles and Waterstones.

Cyclecraft website


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