Report it!

Fill that hole!

You can use this on-line service, run by CTC, to report and monitor road defects anywhere in the UK. An advantage is that faults are logged by CTC so that if a cyclist is subsequently injured by a defect, there is evidence that the local authority knew about it.

Access Fill That Hole here.

Gloucestershire and Cheltenham

Below are telephone numbers and links to Gloucestershire County Council and Cheltenham Borough Council to report defects that affect you as a cyclist.

Please let Cheltenham Cycle Campaign know how effective this service proves to be.

Service Phone
Abandoned vehicles 01242 774 667

Cycling/Cycle paths 01242 264 343

Repair target: within 24 hours
08000 514514

Street cleansing/fly tipping 01242 264 244

Street light out 08000 514514

Pavement/Footpaths 08000 514514

All other enquiries or service requests. 01242 262 626


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